Club Rules

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Auckland Indoor Radio Control Car Club is affiliated to the New Zealand Radio Control Association (NZRCA) and as part of our affiliation we run our car classes to the NZRCA rule book. All cars must comply with the rules. You can find the NZRCA rule books here.

These rules are created by every club and are standardized across the country. By running to NZRCA rules means that our members know they can take their cars to any other meeting nationwide and their cars will be legal.

In addition to class rules, Auckland Indoor Radio Control Car Club also has general rules which apply all Meeting held by the Club.

The following class rules cover the main criteria a race vehicle must meet for it to be deemed as legal for receiving results and points at Auckland Indoor Radio Control Car Club events. These should be treated as advisory only as each car and driver must meet all of the NZRCA rules found in the latest NZRCA rule book. These are the points that are used on a regular basis for scruiteneering purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the info below, please ask to speak to a committee member on a Meeting Night or contact us here.

General Club Rules

  • Children under 16 years of age cannot be used as substitute marshalls without prior agreement from race director.

  • No intoxicated drivers allowed.

  • Drugs of any variety will not be tolerated.

  • Smoking must be done outside of the racing establishment.

  • No open toe shoes (e.g. Jandals) or bare‐feet are permitted.

  • Swearing, yelling or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • All personal rubbish has to be removed from Hall.

  • Parents are expected to watch their children.

  • A committee member or race director’s decision is final.

  • No cars can circulate around the track without a body shell. The body shell must be secured to the chassis at all times.

  • No cars are to be driven in the reverse direction of the track.

  • No Cars are allowed to use reverse during Racing.

  • All LiPo battery packs must be charged inside a fire resistant bag.

  • A class must have no less than 3 Vehicles in it to be considered complete.

  • Note; the ALL COMERS is the only class that is exempt from this rule.

  • Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in race penalties as seen fit by the race director.

Auckland Indoor Radio Control Car Club Club 2020 off-road Series

Only vehicles equipment with Club approved transponders and are club financial members can receive points towards the club series. Results are not awarded on qualifying, if applicable. Only the first three positions in each class will be awarded certificates on conclusion of the series.

General Racing Rules

Qualifying for a Feature – All Qualifying Rounds are started with a heads-up start on the starting grid. Your qualifying place will be determined on your best lap time across heats, Not finishing position.

Feature Race – This will be completed with a Grid type Start, All Drivers Must Be on the Starting Grid within 30 seconds of the start of a Feature no exclusions.

There will be a Maximum of 8 Cars per race, if there is 9 or more cars in a qualifying/feature class then this will be split evenly.

You MUST Marshall the race immediately after yours. Failure to Marshall will result in excluded points from your last race. If you are unable to Marshall, you must find a replacement Marshall and advise race control of this. All Marshall’s must wear the Hi VIS vest while marshaling.

All Marshall’s must be in place 60secs before the start of the race – failure to meet this requirement could result in race penalties.