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Auckland Indoor Radio Control Car Club is an indoor carpet 1/10 off-road track. We use MY Laps in-house timing system.

Race meets are once a month on Saturday afternoon/nights. We run a summer and winter points series plus an enduro race once a year.

The club has been running since mid 2019.

If transferring money our bank account is:



We are located in an indoor netball and cricket facility in Henderson.

Action Indoor Sports Waitakere
133 Central Park Drive
New Zealand

Race Track & Facilities

The track is laid on top of an indoor netball/cricket court with is a tight astro-turf.  The grip level is high so consider astro-turf or carpet tyres. 

The club owns a number of custom made jumps of various sizes.  These are laid out on the track in strategic positions to test even the best drivers.  

Since the track is not permanent is allows us to change at least once a year to give some variety.

The venue facilities provide:
 – Power outlets, but bring an extension cable
 – Tables and chairs, but welcome to bring your own
 – Toilets
 – Bar with drinks and snacks foods such as chips and chocolate bars

We are always on the look-out for the best possible venue for racing.  So if you have any suggestions then please let us know.


Race Day Schedule

We attempt to keep to the following schedule if all goes to plan.

11:00 pm Track setup commences

1:00 pm Track is open for practice

1:45 pm Drivers briefing

2:00 pm Racing begins

9:00 pm Finish and track packup

Race Series

We run two series per year.  A summer and a winter series. 
This gives racers the option to subscribe to membership to either or both series.

Non-members are still allocated points for each meet, but are not eligible for prizes.  So for example if the 3rd place getter in a class is not a club member, the 3rd place prize goes to the 4th placed driver.


Please check the Events Calendar for dates.


Race Format

  • 2 heats and 1 main of 5 minutes

  • Heads-up starts.

  • Best result over the 2 qualifiers will be your seeding for the main.


Results and Stats

Find event results at LiveRC

All current and past results can be found here on LiveRC. These should be updated real-time during the event.

A MyLaps transponder is required for this data to be collected.